Fall/Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hey friends, as the cold weather approaches, I want to share my skincare routine with you, along with some tips on maintain healthy, nourished skin this season.

Now first off, my skin is pretty normal. For those of you with oily and/or dry skin, you may want to experiment with different variations of these products to find what best works for you. 

When it comes to my skin and hair, I personally like using products that are "pure" in the sense that there isn't 100 different ingredients of things that I can't pronounce. I think its better to know exactly what is on my skin, that way if it reacts any way negatively, its easier to narrow down what the problem is. Also each of these products are under $5 each, and are great because they can be used for multiple things. 

To start off, I wash my face with African Black Soap, and I'm not talking about that black bar of soap from the "99 Cents Plus" store. If you can, I recommend purchasing the soap from an African store, and make sure you double check that all the ingredients are natural. The soap usually leaves my skin a bit dry, which is fine with me because I make sure to rehydrate my skin afterwards.

After I wash my face, I then put Pure Glycerin on any pimples or scars that I want to disappear. I also place some under my bottom lip, and on the sides of my nose, where I tend to get white heads. Keep in mind that although Glycerin will make you 'shiny,' it is not an oil, so it will not make you more oily; it is  actually water soluble. I  don't recommend you start off using it by itself, because it may be harsh for some skin types. I have been using it for over a year so my skin is use to it. You can water it down with, well, water. Or you can add it to your favorite lotion or moisturizer.  
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Now, we already know this is a life saver. With this, I coat a light layer on my brows and eyelashes; I also massage this into my edges cuz I need that growth. This is also great for spot correcting on dry skin. 

 Pure Almond Oil 
 This is just my holy grail. A blessing. Magical. It is the lightest, most comfortable oil ever and is perfffffffect for the face. 10/10 for anyone. @ me on it. I massage this on my face and neck. 

Natures Blessings

This product is truly a blessing. It has so many great ingredients and just leaves the skin and/or hair feeling blessed. I usually put this on my lips and into my hair. Sometimes I put a bit of it under my eyes when I need a bit more hydration. 

And that's it! Then I go to sleep and usually when I wake up my skin be feeling soft and healthy.
If you want to see how I apply these products you can check out the video I posted on my youtube channel where I look like a cute glazed donut. Also how I quickly braid my hair at night.

Well, God Bless, Hope this helps someone.

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