My Biggest Pet Peeve

So I am probably just in a not great mood. Do you ever just have those moments when you sit to yourself and randomly start thinking about all the things that annoy you; or when multiple people just are acting some type of way and you really just have to stop and think to yourself "Is it me? It must be me." It only makes sense that I am the problem because how can multiple people be TRYING IT at the same time in the same way. Wait hold on I gotta do this.

DISCLAIMER: I am not talking about any person or event in particular, nor am I "throwing shade" (if that's what the kids call it these days). Also, the time of me writing vs the time I publish this are not equilateral, therefore if you personally feel like you tried it on the particular day that this is published then wear the boot if it fits. I say all this to say that I'm not speaking to you directly, but if you feel convicted...

I feel like that was the shadiest disclaimer ever, but nonetheless.

The one of many pet peeves that I will be talking about today is (drumroll please)... HYPOCRITES! And you're probably thinking to yourself "doesn't everyone hate hypocrites, that's a common peeve," in which case, you would be right (That was a pretty unnecessary statement, but I'm leaving it there).

Well Veronica, what is a hypocrite?
Grand question, reader. According to internet:

MmKay so that wasn't helpful. Let me try harder.

  Thanks Merriam. So a hypocrite is someone who says one thing and acts another way; someone who condemns someone based on a false sense of self. I think my idea of hypocrisy is as an idea rather than the actual word definition alone, though.

I just want an equal playing field, is that too much to ask? If you want to be treated a certain way it should be understood that that level of respect to be reciprocated, no?

Another thing, how you gon' condemn someone for something that you do behind closed doors? How, in someone's mind, do you process that into being okay? I just so very genuinely do not understand. Don't be the coal calling the kettle and/or pot black.

I honestly have nothing else to say on the subject; this is a hypocrite, don't be that. K thanks

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