Products I got from the African Market

So a few weeks ago I got to attend the State of the Black World Conference at the Robert Treat Hotel. It was a great week and I learned a lot, but this post is about the things I purchased at their African Market. Basically in the lobby area, there were about 20 vendors from many places selling art, jewelry, fragrances, bags, and much more. I didn't really get to stop at all the vendors that I wanted, but the few things I got, I absolutely adore. I waited a about a week to write this because I wanted to actually wanted to try these things out first.

So the first thing I got was a small bottle of fragrance oil. The vendor had three sizes (S M L), priced at $5, $10 and $20. She had a wide variety, and they all smelled great. I actually stood there and smelled a majority of them until I lost that sense. The scent I went with was "Lemongrass." It smells like...lemon But yea, I liked it because it has a beautiful citrus smell with a slight warm after scent. I purchased the scent in a medium sized bottle. Its great to use in an oil warmer, to mix in with a natural oil (such as shea butter for a pleasant smell), or to just dab on your wrist for a long lasting fragrance. (4 Stars)

The next thing I got was a bar of soap. This vendor had a bunch of natural products from lotions to toothpaste to lip balms; it was great. Anyway, this soap was a little pricey ($5, that's pricy for me), but after using it for a week or so, I am glad to say that it does not run out easily, its a solid brick with great lathering capabilities. This specific flavor is Mango and lemon, and it smells absolutely delicious. It was a sweet yet citrus-y smell that I live for. On top of its great scent, this soap leaves my skin feeling clean a moisturized; its also great and not harsh on the face. (5 stars)
The last thing I got is of course a skincare and natural hair care essential:  Shea butter (woooooo)! This beauty was a tender $5 and these little tubs last FOREVER! I mean, there's not much to say, shea butter is great, shea butter is cool, shea butter for $5, you only pass up if you're a fool.
(Hmm, don't know where I went for a second)
But yea, I use this for my skin, because this winter air is messing with the wrong one. I also use it for my hair (mostly for my edges and ends), and to remove makeup.

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