Morning Skincare Routine: Face

Well good day!
This post is basically just a breakdown of what I do in the morning to my face before work. I find this process to work out the most for me at this very moment, and I am sure it will not be the same for now, but this is what I do now.

After Morning Shower

I make sure to wash my face with warmish water while in the shower, and end my shower with cold(ish) water in order to close my pores and keep my hair from getting to frizzy.

For my face, I try to use as many natural products as possible, just so I know exactly what is going onto my face; it is also easier to decipher exactly what does or does not work with your skin.

Moisturizing and Prepping for the day

I feel like your skin care routine should be ever changing, especially for combination skin like mine, because what I use really depends on what my skin needs for that season, or even that day.
Okay, so what I like to do, is assess the state of my face that morning and work from there. So, I have provided a horrible photo for you to follow along with (Yes, I use bathrobes, and yes, that is a baby pink one).

As you can see from the picture, my eyes are sill quite puffy from sleeping. Also there is (always) discoloration and dehydration in my under eye area from, you guessed it, lack of sleep. My nose area is oftentimes red and oily, however, due to me constantly blowing my nose, it is redder than usual, dry, and sore.

Alright now that all of that is out of the way, lets get to work.
First thing I will do is take a small bit of coconut oil and rub it around my eyes. This is not only to moisturize, it also moves around any remnants of makeup that the face wash might not have gotten off.

The next thing I do is take a face wipe and wipe off the excess coconut oil and also just to quickly wipe down my whole face, focusing on my hairline just to make sure there is no hair products that may have gotten on my face.

Next up I get the holy trinity of products to face the current wintry air. 
Lotion (Preferably unscented)
Coconut Oil (I use this in every aspect of my life)
Glycerin (100%)
Okay, so first, I take the tiniest bit of coconut oil and lightly pat it under my eyes, making sure not to put too much. I take a bit more and just massage it into my eyebrows to make sure they are moisturized also.

Next thing I do is take a bit of lotion and mix a bit of glycerin with it. I would say about 3 parts lotion and 1 part glycerin.

I do not recommend putting straight glycerin on your face, because it can overly dry out your face. I feel like I should do a whole post about glycerin, because its honestly there's so much to know about it.
Also side note, glycerin is water soluble, which means you need to make sure your lotion is water based, otherwise it will not mix.
Anyway, I basically just put that all over my face, except for under my eyes (because there is already coconut oil). Then I just massage it into my face for about 20 to 30 seconds, to loosen any wrinkles and to just stretch out all of them face muscles. FT  I enjoy putting on some music and lighting an incense while I get ready in the morning.

So at this point, I could technically be ready for the day, but alas, we need some makeup. You can check out my next post to see the basic makeup products that I use for a regular work day.

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