Little to show

     Well, it is 1:16 am and I have been learning all the blogging things for hours. As you may have seen, I have had this blog for a few years now, with very little to show for it. It seems that every time I emerge myself into a new hobby, I end up not being consistent, which I hate.
    I am hyper aware of the fact that I am not the best writer, but I am trying to force myself to keep writing, because practice makes perfect, right?
    I hate that this is about to be a “I am going to start doing this” kind of post, but, I am going to start blogging (again..), I suppose I want this to feel like a diary/journal type thing that I’ll be able to show my grandkids in the future. It’ll be like a “wow, look I actually thought I knew what I was talking about!” type moment. I want this to be a centralized area that I can also share all of the unnecessary amount of photos I take; this way, I can add a few words of explanation to these images. I will also be having corresponding videos to some of these posts, just as another avenue to share. I have a youtube channel and other social media that I will be linking somewhere on this site, once I figure out how everything works. With that being said, a lot of things will be moving around and changing on this site until I am fully comfortable with the overall appearance.
    My next post will be a proper introduction. Who am I, and other shareable energies that make me up.

Until then, Peace.

PS. All photos that will be posted on this blog will either have been taken by me or by close friends of mine.

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