Why am I Dreaming about You?

Do you ever have dreams of people you aren't close to, but in your dreams you're like best friends? I don't know if that makes sense the way I'm saying it, but this happens to me a lot.
For example, I had this dream yesterday and there was a girl I graduated in High School with. We weren't close friends, but we weren't really strangers either. Anyway, I was waiting for a bus in my old neighborhood ( Don't know why), and she got off the bus, and she tries crossing the street but she walks in front of the bus, and we don't see anything but I jokingly say "Shes gunna get hit by the bus" and when the bus drives away shes lying on the street where the bus was. Anyway long story short, I go to help her and it turns out she was joking -___-.
This could have meant a number of things, maybe I shouldn't joke around so much, maybe she should think before she does things, maybe I care too much for people who only look for attention.. These can all be plausible meanings of this dream, but why did the main character have to be someone I haven't seen in almost a year? 
People say that when you have a dream about someone it means that they  were thinking about you, in that case I guess Zac Efron thinks about me a lot :D

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