Pre Winter Thrift Haul (And other stuff)

Back at it again with the unnecessary spending at the thrift shop. But I needed warm clothes!! So heres some of the things I got at a recent 50% off sale at the local thrift. But yea, none of these things  were over $10 cuz you already know.

Green Trench Coat
Now I don't care if I be out here looking like Inspector Gadget, I loveeee me some trench coats. This one I found absolutely adorable because I live for this olive green all year round. This one goes down to my shins, and has an extra layer of warmth (which can be removed) making it perfect for winter. 

Brown Turtleneck

Okay, so next up is this velvet brown top. Its a turtle neck that has a zipper in the back, and it has short sleeves. When I originally purchased it, I had an outfit in mind, but when I tried it I didn't like it as much as I thought. I'm definitely going to go to good use. 

Tan Coat

Now this coat is a fluffy suede-like coat in a cute khaki/tan color. This thing is so warm and cozy and serves as a great light neutral for the winter season.

Blue/Green Trench

Now, I told yall I love my trench coats, and I couldn't resist this one. This is like the cutest, shiny-metallic-y light blue trench coat. I will say that this is super thin, but it is definitely going to serve as an awesome layer to a bougie outfit.
Multi-Color Sweater
 This is just a cute lil color block sweater. I just loved how it looked, its super comfy.
Jean Jacket w/ Hood
I purchased this particular piece in the mindset of later customizing it. However, it just fit so cute and comfortably, that I've actually just been wearing it. I may still do something to it, but not right now. Its like a jean jacket with a cute hood (That actually fits my hair, more or less) and two huge pockets in the front. It also has a zipper to close it with Velcro at the top and bottom. 
 Jean Button Up
This is just a cute lil button up jean short sleeved shirt. I am definitely going to do something cool with this, so be on the lookout.  

And that, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non -Conforming, is all I have for you for today. I hope you enjoyed, and if you would be interested in seeing how I style any of these items, or just anything from my lil hauls in gen, just let me know! I'd def be down to do a post or vid of some looks. Thanks for reading!


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