Fall Essentials: Building your Autumn Wardrobe

Well family, my favorite season of all is now approaching! Fall is literally my favorite season here in New Jersey because the weather is perfect for layering, which I live for. Those beautiful 60-70 degree days call for sweaters, booties, scarves, windbreakers, and fun socks! For this post however, we are going to be talking about fall basics.

As soon as its time to start switching out those shorts with some leggings, I think its always important to have the basic essentials, because once you have those things, you can build a variety of cute and comfy fall attire for the rest of the season. This is definitely step one in creating your fall wardrobe. If you guys are interested in seeing how I style these basics, let me know, I'll surely be making another post soon!

Also lets keep in mind that times is hard, so I will be coming to you with the affordable options for building your wardrobe.

First things First: Bottoms

Jeans: Until quite recently, I hardly wore jeans for the simple fact that finding jeans would be so tiresome. Like do I really want to be in a store for 45 minutes trying on every pair of jeans until I find that special pair?  Absolutely not. Also, I don't know if its just me, but I am not someone who feels like spending $60 on some jeans. To be honest, judge me if you must, I don't like spending over $15 for a pair of jeans (or for anything for that matter).
I say all this to say, after years of having 1-2 pairs of jeans (that eventually end up dying due to over wearing) I know own almost 7-8 pairs of jeans that not only do I feel comfortable wearing, but they also look great. Most blue jeans can be treated as a neutrals, so they can literally be the base to any outfit. 

My 3 favorite places to buy jeans are Thrift shops, Forever21, and H&M. Thrift shops are great for jeans because you have a better chance of finding the perfect size. This might sound weird because its like, you're at a thrift shop, if there's a pair of pants you like and they aren't in the right size, then there's not way to get them. But I think its great because since there are so many brands, the sizing can be so different, and there's so much. My advice is to get your mom jeans, high waisted, or other vintage looking jeans from there. Also, getting jeans from here to customize (distress, dye/bleach, cut) is perfect, because you won't feel bad since they were so cheap. I never buy a pair over $10

So for a while I had a love hate relationship with Forever21 jeans. For starters, they would never have a size over 27 in their stores, which is annoying. Also, I genuinely just didn't enjoy the fabric of them. They seemed cheap and thin, and the colors looked less like denim and more like jeggings. However, I recently purchased a pair of their black jeans for an audition priced at $9.90 (Find them here), and they were GREAT! The slight price difference from their $7.90 jeans literally make all the difference. They fit well (they actually had my size), they weren't too thin, but they still had that great stretch which makes them super comfy. AND they're under $10.00! Now aside from the black, I believe they also have 2 different shades of blue. 

Alrighty so the last place I love to get jeans from is H&M. Of actual stores, this is my absolute go-to for jeans. They have a wide variety of colors and cuts, and their sizing is pretty reasonable and consistent throughout their clothing. First things first, I will say to definitely check out a couple of outlet malls, because H&M usually always has sales on jeans, and their $40-$60 jeans end up being $7-$10. I actually recently went to H&M and got 3 different pairs of jeans, two of them were $7, and one pair was $10. Buuuuut if there isn't a sale, worry not! They have the cutest variety of $9.99 jeans that I  absolutely live for. They have them from light wash to black jeans and they are great. They are definitely thicker and feel a bit better compared to the Forever21 jeans. I def recommend checking them out. 

Of these places, you are sure to find a few perfect jeans for the fall. I always go for high waisted jeans and mom jeans. Also black jeans are a great alternative to leggings because they'll keep you warmer.

Jeans can be paired with anything. I enjoy wearing them with cropped crew neck sweaters or hoodies, with cardigans, and also cute button ups or flannels. 

Leggings: Ya'll already know what this is about. Leggings are sooo comfy, and they can go with anythingggg. There are so many days in the fall where I honestly just want to be comfy and warm, and sometimes jeans don't cut it. Leggings are perfect to put under a giant sweater, or even wear under your favorite pair of jeans. I literally buy black leggings in bulk because they are the easiest and quickest bottoms evaa. I usually get my leggings from Forever21 because they are only $3.90 (Find Them here). Not only are these a great deal, they are also pretty nice quality. they are mostly cotton and have a thickish waist band, which I find to be better because they elastic doesn't get overturned. An alternate to these leggings are pairs from Walmart, which are about $3.88. Although they are pretty good, they don't have a thick band and can sometimes be shaped weirdly. For the price, I'd just get the F21 one, but I own both. These leggings also come in different colors if youre feeling creative.

A tip for the Forever21 leggings is to get a size up from your usual size for the sake of opacity. They are pretty good on coverage, but just for that extra security, the bigger they are, they less they have to stretch equaling less of a chance of them being see through.

I usually pair leggings with a giant oversized vintage sweater, or a cute t-shirt and cardigan for a casual comfy look. 


When it comes to summer, I literally usually end up wearing anything that slips on and off easily cuz aint nobody got time for no sweaty feet. However, my feet are usually the first thing to get cold, so once fall comes its time to find some cute alternatives. 

Heels: My go to shoe for the fall are usually black platform booties. I know that sounds dramatic but that's literally all I wear. When you find the right ones, they are literally the most comfortable (because of the platform) and take your fall outfit to the next level no matter what you're wearing. Also for us average-short folks, it never hurts to have a few extra inches. I have about 4 different pairs of black booties  just in case I want a specific look, but they're all pretty basic. Also, leatherish ones are great when there are potential puddles and such. My go to ones I believe are from some random store like EasyPickins or rainbow, and weren't over $20. I also have a pair from H&M and the others are thrifted. Also getting cute more budget friendly plain boots give you the opportunity to customize them by added texture or jewels (something that's really in style this season). Heres a few ideas of what I'm talking about:
Here H&M
Here H&M 
Here Forever21

Sneakers: So I am a 100% vans lover. They are great, they last, and there are so many kinds!  My best advice is to find an outlet store where they literally always have 'Buy one get a sale item 50% off' because you end up leaving the store with two pairs of sneakers for around $60. I always get the basic all black, and all white (or off white) because they go with everything. Those are usually the pairs that I just re-purchase after a year or so of excessive use. Vans are also great because they give you a chance to showcase some awesome, fun socks because you got a whole ankle worth of room. Although they do sell that style of tennis shoe, I always think its best to invest a little more into getting actual vans, because the quality will make them last longer. 
Basically any pair of cute lil sneakers I think are perf for the fall, especially to play into a comfy outfit or even turning a bougie outfit into something more casual.


 Being that fall is all about layers, its always good to have some basic tops; that way, your layers could be your statement pieces.

Thermal/ long johns are always good to start stocking up on around this time, just in case youd like to add a bit more warmth to your outfit. 

Cute graphic tees are always cool to contrast the more earth tones that we see in the fall. Plain V necks, and tank tops are always great to have, too.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope some of these links were useful. Stay tuned for some fall thrifting hauls and how I style my odd wardrobe statement pieces. Peace

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