Quick & Easy Chicken-Spinach Parm and Pasta

Hi guys! So today I am going to show you guys how I make the easiest yet delicious quick meal prep recipe for the week. This meal in total costed about $15 and is enough food for a full 5 days of lunches. I decided to make a Chicken-Spinach Parmesan and penne.

So the ingredients that I used for for this are as follows:
Baby Spinach
Chicken Thighs (8 pieces) 
Box of Penne
Parmesan cheese
1 cup of milk

So the first thing I do is put on some sick tunes on to set the atmosphere (aka I put on some Solange). Then I get to mixing our seasonings. I shred about a cup of fresh parmesan and I use the smaller side of the shredder so the pieces can be smaller and mix better with the seasoning. The next thing I do is add paprika, salt, black pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, and garlic powder (because unfortunately I didn't have fresh garlic, which is my preference). Then I just take a spoon and mix all that up. 

The next thing I do is take out the chicken and skin them for the most part, aka me just pulling off the skin with my hands. Before I do that, I have my oven set on 350 degrees and lightly butter the glass that I will use to bake the chicken.
 Then I place each piece of chicken into the bowl of cheese and seasonings and I make sure they are evenly coated on each side. I then place the chicken into the glass to get ready for baking.

Now to prepare the spinach. Get a nice sized saucepan (Aka any saucepan you can find) and put in like a tablespoon of butter ( did I mention that I don't use actual measurements? Don't give up on me yet). Then I wash the spinach (Great). Next up I put some onions and green peppers finely chopped into the heated butter. After that I add some salt and pepper then put about 2 cups (aka two handfuls) of spinach into the browning onions. Once the spinach is completely saturated into the oil, I mix in 1 cup of whole milk (heavy cream is better) and a table spoon of flour stir all of that in on low heat until I get a thickish creamy sauce.

When the sauce is complete. I just put that all over the tops of the chicken, sprinkles the whole thing with some more parmesan cheese and put that into the oven.

While the chicken is in the oven, I put some water to boil then cooked some basic penne pasta. I added a bit of oregano into the boiling water so that the pasta would have that underlying herbal taste (it looked pretty). After that, I drain the pasta and put some into a bowl for dinner (the rest I put in Tupperware) and sprinkle a bit more parmesan atop it (cheese is life).

After about 45 minutes (or something), the chicken is fully cooked. I take the chicken out and it is a beautifully golden tint.
The last thing I do is put a piece of chicken onto my plate with my pasta and ENJOY!

WOO I feel like that was a lot, but this is really a quick yet full recipe for meal prepping or just dinner.

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