Winding Down and Refocusing

With my only day off being Tuesday, and the weekend being so jam packed all the time for absolutely no reason. So, I have found that Monday evenings are the best time for me to relax and refocus my energy for the rest of the week.

On Mondays I get off of work around 5, and if I am lucky, I'll get home around 6:30ish. So first thing I do is change out of my regular clothes and put on something comfy. Then I put some water on the stove and let that heat up for tea. The tea that I have currently been loving is the Higher Living Organic Lemon and Ginger. This tea is great for the fall, because the ginger really helps keep my sinuses clear while the lemon soothes my larynx.
While the water is heating up, I take the time to take off any makeup that I had on from the day. The first thing I do is take some coconut oil and rub it around my eyes and on my eyelashes. I do this because I've been using waterproof mascara which, don't get me wrong, it's great, but if I forget to take it off it gets my eyelashes looking an unhealthy mess.
So yea, I do that and end up looking like Lady Gaga Album art. (Exhibit A)
So flattering. Anyway, next up, I take a face wipe and wipe off all that stuff. These wipes I got from Macy's backstage, and they were about $4.
Alright so after that I quickly go wash my face and pat it dry with a towel. This Monday I decided that I would add a facial mask into the mix, because why not.

This one is also from Macys Backstage and its the SpaLife natural goats milk + Mediterranean olive oil mask. It feels great and smells great, and it quite relaxing. However, it makes me look like a murderer (Exhibit B, #Prayforme). FT I'm stressed looking at this.
Anyway, while that is on, I go and get my hot water to make my tea. I opted out of adding anything to it because to be honest I was too lazy. It tasted like trash and broken dreams,  but the ginger still helped and the fact that it was hot warmed my existence.

While I drank my tea, I lit a few candles and some incense (Which I do when I get home regardless). This incense is a sage infused one that I got from Rickys NYC.

I am absolutely obsessed with things smelling great, so even though I already have candles lit AND incense lit (I know, its a lot), I also like to spray a bit of this air freshener. This one is a holiday one from glade called "Gingerbread Spice" and it smells like Christmas. I usually spray a bit of this on my curtains just so it can hold the smell.  

The main light can be a bit harsh and unnecessary and I don't want to sit in complete darkness, so recently I've been using colored lightbulbs in my small lamp.
I have lightbulbs in red, green, and purple, and I purchased them at a Halloween store after Halloween so they were no more than a dollar each. I feel like the dimmer colored lightbulbs give my eyes a rest and also cast a beautiful light on my surroundings that really completes the calming mood. Red is my favorite color so I use that one the most.
So yea, that's about it. I have my tea and I grab my blankets and pillows and sit on my floor to enjoy the evening. I usually try to write or paint, and sometimes I'll just watch YouTube videos or a movie

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