My Daily Makeup: Fall '16

Basic Makeup for the Day

So now that my face is fully hydrated and feeling great, its time to get my face looking a bit more polished and less tired (if that's possible). I quickly put on some lip care to keep my lips moisturized until I put on a lip color.

The first thing I start out with is filling in my eyebrows. I primarily use three products, but can use 1 if in a time crunch.

Wet n Wild Eyebrow Gel
Jordanna Easyliner
Milani eyebrow pencil

First I use the spoolie thing and brush my eyebrows out and up. Then I take the jordanna liner in Taupe, which is a grayish color and do a light line on the bottom part of my brow. Then I just brush it to make it look less harsh. Then I take the brow gel and brush them in place.

Next up is concealer. Lately I have been using the LA Girl Pro Concealer, but I would also recommend the nyx concealers. So what I do first is take the darker concealer "Beige" (Which is closer to my skin tone) and I place it under my eyes, on my lid, next to my nose and under my bottom lip. These are all the places that are discolored,  and this concealer is great to use when just evening out your skin tone. Next I take the yellow concealer in the color, wait for it, Yellow, and put that under my eyes, the inner corner of my eyes and down the bridge of my nose.

An alternate to using those concealers is using the "Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer" in 03, and just apply it to the same places.

I tend to not put foundation on my whole face because I have freckles and its just a lot of work to cover them all

The next thing I do is set the concealer with a translucent powder and a medium sized moderately fluffy brush. The powder I currently us is the Master Fix powder from Maybelline. And the brush is from Forever21

These next steps are pretty quick. I wipe off any previous lip care I had on before, and make sure that my lips are completely clean. Then I apply a lip color, which are fairly natural and super hydrating. I then take the lip color and draw about 3 small lines on either one of my cheeks and blend that in. This adds a bit more color to my face and also adds a bit of highlight (The lip colors have shimmer).
Next I put on some mascara on my top and bottom lashes. The name of this product got wiped away, but I believe its the waterproof Megalash mascara from Maybelline (I could be completely wrong lol).

The last thing I do is spray my face a few times with some setting spray, and then I'm on my way (#bars).

This is a super basic "Make me look human" way of doing my makeup, and I've honestly just been loving the "Healthy" look: Full lashes and eyebrows, color in your cheeks, and natural-looking hydrated pinkish lips. I don't know how long I will be into this, but until then this is what I'll be doing in the morning.

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