Camo Dress: Its a Look*

Yes, yes, yes, the fall is here. Honestly this fall I'm super into earth tone colors with a pop of fabric (i.e. velvet, silk) or color.
With that being said, today since it was kind of warm, I decided to wear this camo patterned skater cut dress.
Dress is from Rainbow and was $5 (Blessings)

Next I decided to pair it with these black booties from H&M and some bright colored ankle socks.
Boots were thrifted for about $7, they are soooo comfortable, its great.

 Socks are from Macy's Backstage. Pack of 10 for about $5.

Since you cant see me when I wear the dress (because its camouflage), I decided to add this beautiful warm deep reddish velvet blazer thing that I got from the thrift shop for like $2.
For accessories, I just kept my regular black choker on, and added a green velvet one that has a little gem on it. This came in a pack of 2 for $1 at a flee market.

Annnd, yea, that was it. I wore a black jacket and used a denim bag.

"It's a look" is basically just going to be sub titles to posts of outfits I wear, or how I style certain wardrobe pieces

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